Compositing Training Institute in Thane

Program in Compositing (6 MONTHS)

This program is designed for the student who wants to make a career in the VFX industry.
The program starts with the basic understanding of how computer graphic works. Students
then get exposed to layer based and node based Compositing software. Students learn all
important areas of Compositing such as Rotoscopy, Color Correction, Point, Wire Removal,
and Tracking etc.




ZICA Institute's Compositing Course in Thane is designed to equip you with the latest techniques and industry-relevant skills. Stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world of compositing.

Enroll yourself in a hands-on learning experience, where theoretical knowledge seamlessly converges with practical application. Compositing Training Institute in Thane ensures that you not only understand the techniques but also master them through real-world projects.

Compositing Course is an educational program that focuses on teaching individuals the art and technical skills involved in compositing. Compositing, in the context of visual arts and media production, refers to the process of combining visual elements from separate sources into a single, cohesive image or scene. This technique is commonly used in various industries, including filmmaking, animation, advertising, and visual effects.

Our Compositing Training in Thane at Affordable Fees is intricately designed to cater to the unique needs of aspiring digital artists, providing a comprehensive journey into the art and science of compositing.

  • Computer Graphics
  • Colour Correction
  • Masking-Layer, vector, quick
  • Image manipulation
  • Matte paint
  • Motion Graphics
  • Compositing
  • 3D object based particle
  • Working with the 3D object
  • Particle Replicators
  • Integrating with AFX
  • Rotoscope
  • Colour Management
  • Tracking and Stabilizing
  • Planner Tracking
  • Keying
  • Camera Projection
  • Camera Tracking
  • Re-lighting
  • Animation Engine
  • Animation Engine Advance motion blur roto
  • Use of tracking (1-point and 2-point) in roto
  • Spinning and occlusion
  • Hair Roto
  • Roto using Ik
  • RStereo Roto
  • Advance Paint
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Element 3D
  • Nuke
  • Silhouette
Career opportunity after completing Program in Compositing:
  • Compositing artist
  • Effects (FX) artist
  • Technical director (TD)
  • FX animator
  • Multimedia artist
  • VFX artist
  • VFX supervisor.
  • 7000+ Sq.Ft of Area
  • Placement Training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Mock Interviews
  • Portfolio
  • Practice Lab
  • Free Demo Lecture
  • Training from Industry Expert